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Accompanying individuals as they pursue their goals, passions and dreams through a fluid process of insight generation, deconstruction of limiting beliefs, robust action planning, and process accountability for commitments.

My coaching approach supports clients’ change objectives through creative and empowering dialogues. I see coaching as a finely tuned balance of awareness creation and forward planning. 

As partners, we engage in ongoing coaching dialogues, where insights emerge to suggest strategies. These strategies are shaped into clear actions which then enable my clients to build capacity. On the path to change, untapped talents and unrecognized resources are delightfully revealed. Through an engaged partnership, my clients create significant shifts in multiple interrelated aspects of their lives.


Coaching works best when individuals enter the relationship with an unwavering desire for learning and transformative change - and are committed to spending the time needed to convert intention into reality.


I have worked with a wide range of clients who have presented a diverse spectrum of coaching topics. These topics have been located in their personal and professional lives, as well as in efforts to resolve global concerns. Rather than identifying  categories of clients with whom I work,  I would rather say that I can be at my best when I am coaching people who are fully committed to growth and who are able and willing to embrace the necessary challenges to realizing their dreams.

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