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An Integrative Approach to Powerful Change

Jim Gavin
Principal and Founder

Jim is first and foremost a powerful change-agent, having spent the last four decades of his career working as an organizational psychologist, Master Coach (ICF-certified) and educator with countless teams, organizations and individuals. 

His lifelong love of learning, along with an ability to coalesce his  multi-disciplinary expertise, has led to the development of a powerful integrative approach with an intense focus on bringing to light core competencies and values, leading to masterful outcomes. 


Positive transformation is both the focus and outcome of Jim’s unique ability to uncover and bring forward the unrealized potential and resources of individuals, groups and larger systems.

As a full professor at Concordia University in Montreal, where he teaches at the graduate level, Jim served as a principal architect of the Human Systems Intervention (HSI) program, an internationally acclaimed graduate program for change management professionals. He also serves as core faculty at Concordia in the professional coach certification program which he co-founded.


Beyond his ongoing private practice and academic work Jim continues to be a recognized leader in systems-change, working to bring about transformation within large-scale organizations.


True to his belief that somatic work is essential to embodied learning, Jim continues to pursue his lifelong practices of Aikido, Iaido and Yoga.

When not focused on professional endeavors, Jim can be found at his family’s cottage in the Quebec Laurentians with his wife and two younger children, chopping wood, cycling and kayaking.

Academic and Professional Designations

  • PhD in Psychology, New York University

  • Post-doctoral recertification in counseling psychology, Colorado State University

  • Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

  • Integral Master Coach®, Integral Coaching Canada®

  • Professor of Applied Human Sciences

  • Director Centre for Human Relations & Community Studies


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