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Team Development

We facilitate knowledge acquisition, capacity building, adaptation, and strategic learning in  teams and organizations as they endeavor to navigate  their complex realities, make intelligent choices and pursue goals with passion and purpose.

Teams are the building blocks of organizations. We help our clients pursue significant organizational changes in order to profoundly transform their environments and performance.

We believe that systems, like individuals, are uniquely calibrated. Our practice offers tailored designs that reflect the core character,  culture and needs  of the system.

My passion for working with teams has been a hallmark of my practice, with a particular focus on executive team engagement. On a wider scale, I have developed system-wide learning experiences and helped create generative pathways for effective business outcomes across teams and organizational environments. 


As the principal, I have worked in organizational change and development for over 40 years. I have had the pleasure of facilitating organization-wide projects requiring large consulting teams, as well as more targeted projects emphasizing executive and leadership development.

I focus on promoting work environments where authentic, engaged dialogue can transpire in a supportive culture, leading to more creative and fulfilling outcomes for people and processes. We work across a diverse spectrum of team, organization and system domains, with deep expertise in the following areas:  


•    Process consultation
•    Strategic planning facilitation
•    Unique 360° assessments
•    Focused learning programs
•    Intra-organizational alignment
•    Large scale dialogues
•    System-wide needs assessments 
•    Conflict resolution processes
•    Survey feedback programs

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