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Working with individuals and families toward increased awareness, a greater capacity for managing modern life’s complexities, and a personal experience of wellness and solidity in one’s identity and capacities.


Modern life presents us with challenges that call upon us to grow and adapt - or else! These challenges may come in the form of work-life predicaments, family changes, and other crises of adulthood.
My counseling practice centers around themes of adjustment and transition. My work is intended to provide my clients with insights and tools to successfully address and transcend life’s predicaments. I apply a wide variety of approaches that have proven effective in enabling my clients to realize their inherent capacities for growth and joy.

Key themes that I have worked on with my clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding deep meaning and purpose in life 

  • Navigating intimate relationships

  • Dealing with changes in one’s life and identity

  • Managing conflict at work and in personal life

  • Enhancing self-esteem and personal assertiveness

  • Managing stress and burnout

  • Coping with loss and grieving

  • Navigating difficult emotions

I was originally licensed in the practice of psychology in the State of Colorado in 1975, and later on (1982) in the Province of Quebec where I continue to practice. I was privileged to work with Dr. Carl Rogers, the founder of person-centered counseling, as part of my training. I have also had numerous post-doctoral training experiences that contribute to my diverse approach to empowering individuals, couples and families.

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