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Foundations of Professional Coaching

Foundations of Professional Coaching (with HKPropel Access) is the essential guide to developing coaching skills and creating influential coaching relationships. Offering foundational concepts and underlying principles of coaching, this text will help all types of coaches cultivate a growth environment that encourages lasting change and maximizes each client’s potential in their personal and professional lives.

What People Are Saying

"...An extremely comprehensive, useful and well written text that is first and foremost a book for practitioners. The author advises working through the text from the beginning through to the end in order to gain an understanding of the evolution of the profession and then an understanding of the essential models, principles, competences and skills that comprise the foundations of the field. That said, however, I can see that this is not just a book for novice coaches, it is a book for all. I found every chapter most stimulating and there was something new to learn in each."

– Elaine Cox, Oxford Brookes University

Selected Publications

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